Newstar Advantage

We are search industry veterans who know your market. We have been living and working in recruitment for decades. We have seen the high highs and the low lows. Working successfully with our clients from start-ups through mid-stage and Fortune 500 companies, we are intelligent, experienced professionals who will work with you throughout the process, identify your needs and deliver results.

We know how to build teams that can deliver success. We have superior access to the best talent as we utilize all current advances in research, technology and social media. We have the speed, energy and unmatched agility that you deserve to get you the absolute best talent.

We offer you a full dedicated team. The Newstar team collaborates on each and every requirement & work together giving you our full attention.

Developing a targeted search strategy is a critical part of the process at Newstar. Throughout the duration of the project, our team is involved in designing a research road map, building a target list of companies and identifying potential candidates and sources. Finding people with an exact set of skills is something we can do quickly by accessing our large in-house database and other information tools. Every client project is unique in its strategy and our approach to the market.

Our task is to deliver candidates that will provide you with new levels of organizational performance and expertise.